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We want to get a feel for your theology of worship: *
We want to get a feel for your theology of worship:
The primary purpose of a worship service is to engage lost people to help them come to faith in Christ.
I love choral music and believe that a choir is vital to a worship service.
All worship styles (contemporary -- traditional) are cultural in nature. The worship style of the service should match the culture of the church.
All musically gifted believing musicians should be utilized in as many worship services as possible.
The quality of the music and the presentation of the music is important, but should not be the primary focus when planning a worship service.
The worship leader is responsible for getting the congregation to participate in worship.
A congregation should not sing patriotic music in a worship service.
We want to get a feel for your personality: *
We want to get a feel for your personality:
I am happiest when I am in a room full of strangers.
I like my coffee black--first thing in the morning.
I can explain the entire story of the Bible.
I read through God's word in its entirety at least once every year.
Small group Bible study is a vital part of every believers spiritual formation.
Every believer should be able to explain the story of the Bible and disciple a new believer to fulfill the Great Commission.
I recharge by getting alone.
I laugh at a joke even if I don't think it is funny.
I have more hobbies than I can keep up with.
I get stressed out when learning new software systems.
If you have a tech problem, I am the guy you should call.
Running a sound system is easy.
I love producing and directing big theater productions.
If it would advance the gospel I would wear a monkey outfit while passing out bananas on the street.
I can carry on a conversation with a fence post.