My Worship Philosophy


The word “worship” in the Greek literally means to fall down before or to kiss (the ring of a king) in submission.

  • The picture is of total submission and commitment to serve. 

  • The intent is to honor the King rightly. 

  • The heart of worship is to align one’s self in total and complete and unique allegiance to the King. 

    We worship God by surrendering completely to Him with our heart’s affection only on Him to Love only Him, to serve only Him and to obey only Him. We express this worship as following:

Fasting and Prayer

Investing in Eternal Things

Investing in Eternal Things

by Joel Strahan

The Bible says that our life is a vapor. We are here and then we’re gone. We have a limited amount of time to know God, understand his work, become expert communicators of it and share it with the world. Whether we live until we are three or one hundred three, the brevity of life is a reality we must view from God's perspective. The ways in which we invest our time, energy and resources will determine whether or not our own generation and the generations to come will accurately understand what God has revealed about himself and how to appropriately meet their day's challenges. Every generation will face challenges or attacks on the word of God. The manner in which every generation meets these accusations will determine whether or not God‘s word is preserved or distorted for the next generation. Thinking of ministry in terms of generational success or failure reduces the church’s goal to one primary focus: Will we leave the next generation an accurate view of God and a correct interpretation of scripture?

Uniquely designed to love

Uniquely designed to love

As followers of Christ, the church is uniquely designed and equipped to love like no other assembly of people on the earth! We are commanded to love. It is a unique character DNA infused in every believer by the sealing of the Holy Spirit given to us at the point of salvation. Loving each other and loving others is not an option for us, but rather it is the purpose of God for our lives in Christ until he returns. It is the demonstration initiated by God that proves his goodness, his power and his glory to all people everywhere.