Week 12: The Importance of Godly Leadership

Joshua 24:31

This verse says volumes about godly leadership and its impact on a community or family. Living for Christ demands leadership, because our nature is to do what is pleasing in our own eyes. Godly leadership provides accountability, reminders and examples of what it looks like to follow Christ instead of living in the world. What does it mean to be a godly leader? How does a godly community loose its godly leadership?

Week Four: Overview (The Book of Job)

Week Four: Overview (The Book of Job)

God’s response to Satan’s accusation that Job’s faith is not real. (1:6-12, 2:1-6)

    When Satan challenges the integrity of the faith-relationship, God agrees to back away from Job. God promises Satan that at first He will only step in if Satan attempts to harm Job. Then God promises to only step in if Satan attempts to kill Job. We get to see Job deal with Satan’s attacks on his own—by faith. It is also important to recognize that God is not acting to do evil to Job. God does agree to back away and give Satan freedom to inflict Job. Satan uses his own creativity and make his own choices with respect to how he causes suffering in Job’s life. When God tells Satan, "you incited me against him, to destroy him for no good reason,” God is referring to the fact that He agreed to allow Satan to destroy Job’s life.

What does this teach us about God’s view of our faith-relationship with Him?God trusts Job to be unwavering in his thinking about God. God doesn’t feel the need to intervene to make sure Job’s faith remains or to supply Job with faith in some mystical way. God really has stepped back. This helps us answer today’s popular theology that no one can have faith unless God mystically gives it to them first.